What's In Season: Autumn...


Autumn not only means a shift in the weather and the daylight but also a change in seasonal fruits and vegetables.  One exciting autumnal event we look forward to is the new season of apples and pears! 

Some varieties become available earlier than others which means we currently have some apples and pears that are new season, some from the old and some just about to start.  Below we’ve listed the seasonality of all the common varieties as well as a little info to ensure you know what’s eating well as well as when your favourite types are available:


Royal Gala – The earliest main variety available with fruit appearing in February.  Eating wonderfully now, including the unwaxed Gala we have on our front display – we’re now in our 10th year of selling these wonderful apples.

Fuji – Available from early March – a lovely sweet variety.

Golden Delicious – New season stock available now – sweetness will develop over the next week or so.

Jonathon – Just in-store now – a variety that eats extremely well at the start of it’s season.

Granny Smith – Expect to see new season stock in next week or so.  Can start off a little tart but sweetness will develop.

Jazz – Expected availability by second week of April.  A cross between Braeburn and Gala it’s only been available commercially for less than 10 years but it has developed a keen following. 

Pink Lady – The most popular variety in Australia loved for its sweetness with just a little zing.  New season fruit will be available in mid April – in the meantime you may find this variety isn’t eating as well as it can, maybe take the opportunity to try another variety or if you can’t live without buy in smaller quantities and store in the crisper before consuming.


William – Have been available since February – a lovely sweet juicy variety but consume quickly as they ripen fast.

Packham – New season just starting – a lovely green pear that develops a lovely sweetness.

Beurre Bosc – Available from the start of March this brown pear is a great choice for sal;ads and cooking.

Nashi – New season begins in February but with a little time they reach peak eating and good supply.

Corella – A small pear with a lovely red blush and sweet flavour.  New season stock just hitting our shelves now.