Top reasons to buy unwaxed apples...

Every year as the new season of apples kick in we buy our bins of unwaxed apples. They are both a team favourite and a favourite for many customers. 

Here are some of the reasons WE love the unwaxed new season apples.

  • They are from Picnic Point near Bairnsdale in Victoria, so they don't need to travel very far to reach us meaning we reduce the carbon footprint of the fruit and we support the local farmers.
  • Once picked they are cooled very quickly in an oxygen reduced room. This means the apples maintain their crispness and freshness. Who doesn't love a crispy, crunchy apple?!?!
  • Once out, they are put into bins. No sorting, repacking, waxing, travelling or general 'processing'.
  • We get the bin of yummy apples and pop them on the shelf. Simple!!! 

Waxed apples are common place in shops these days and it's interesting to see how consumer behaviours change production. Apples originally began having a commercial grade wax applied because customers found shiny apples more appealing.

As trends come and go, so to does the wax it appears, with a huge growth in unwaxed apples recently including the two major supermarkets committing (late 2016) to sell unwaxed apples through their stores. The tides on apples appears to have turned with consumers now preferring the more organic look of unwaxed apples over the shine of waxed apples.

We at The Happy Apple love all apples but we are particularly fond of our unwaxed varieties that can be found in-store and online at the start of the new season, soon after harvest.