Smoothie Bombs

Hey, I am Cinzia Cozzolino, the founder of Smoothie Bombs.

Let’s be honest. Very few people know how to pronounce ‘açai’ properly, kale isn’t for everyone, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear active wear without any intention of exercising, hey it’s comfortable.

Eating organic and raw also doesn’t have to be a bland and terribly serious exercise in health either. I created Smoothie Bombs for the soul purpose of introducing people to raw and organic food in a little round bomb that explodes with flavour, nutrients and well doesn’t leave a trail of destruction in the kitchen. Get a Smoothie Bomb, crumble it in the blender, add a piece of fruit with your preferred milk, hit the button and then pour and drink. POW, you have just enjoyed lots of goodies that your body thrives on and it tastes delicious. Smoothie Bombs are about making healthy choices easier and more enjoyable. We're about making that start-of-the-year health kick feeling last all year with super foods galore packed into our signature tubes. We are the first company to create dry organic ingredients that are super fresh in this way so you can feel great about what you are putting into your body.

As a nutritionist and dedicated single mother of two, I created the Smoothie Bombs 5 years ago at my kitchen bench. Lana, my youngest, was skipping breakfast way too often; it was a battle to get her to eat breakfast. I tried many tactics and I nailed it with what has become Smoothie Bombs. When it proved successful at home, word got out in the local community. Soon after family and friends gathered around the kitchen table for rolling sessions to keep up with demand. Local cafes were soon on board and the idea of turning this into a business became viable. I decided to make it into a consumer product in January 2014, where the iconic tube was born.  

From its humble beginnings, this family run business is packed with passion and focus on the importance of health, togetherness and having fun. Smoothie Bombs are genuine, unapologetically honest and nutritious.

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