A & N Lowe Blueberries

Our farmers Alan & Nicki Lowe have been growing since 1998 at their property in Coopers Creek, approximately 150 kilometres east of Melbourne in the Gippsland region – the historic town of Walhalla is nearby.  We’re lucky enough to receive regular deliveries direct from the farm gate to our store – delivered by the farmer himself!

Alan & Nicki grow blueberries without the use of any chemicals and pesticides, rather they heavily mulch the plants with sawdust (a by-product of the Gippsland timber industry), not only does this act as an effective weed suppressant but it also helps create an acidic soil favoured by blueberries and also azaleas (they’re both members of the Ericaceae family).

The Victorian blueberry season is at its peak currently and favourable conditions mean we have an abundance of sweet delicious fruit. Available in good sized 165gm or 375gm family packs they’re very good value and will be enjoyed by all!

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