Green Eggs

Located in the green rolling foothills of the Grampians, Shelley and Alan Green’s farm produces wool, beef , first lambs, ewes and oats for grain along with their main focus; Green Eggs.

Green Eggs offers a simple, honest product that everyone loves – Shelley and Alan ensure their eggs are produced in the most ethical way. Freshness, quality, environmental sustainability and the happiness and welfare of the Green Eggs hens are core values on the farm.

A hugely successful and sustainable Grampians business, Green Eggs has 35,000 truly free range birds free to roam outside, graze, dirt bathe, forage, hunt and rest under the shady red gums.

Specially bred Italian Maremma livestock dogs are on hand day and night to protect the lovely ladies from chicken hawks, feral cats and foxes keeping them safe from harm.

Humane methods and environmentally sustainable farming practices mean the hen sheds comply with industry standards – offering plenty of shade, shelter, feed, water, pasture for the hens to wander around in  – with the birds making their own choice to be in or outdoors  during the day , only returning inside to perch after dark.

These conditions allow Green Eggs to be delivered directly from the farm to you, providing unbeatable freshness; continuity of supply, less damage to eggs and direct contact with the producer. 

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