Flavorite Tomatoes

For 20 years, the Nichol and Millis families have been producing top quality, juicy red tomatoes all year round. And in the process they have revolutionised the tomato business in Australia.  Their company Flavorite, along with the support of a dedicated network of growers, has taken a cottage industry to a major greengrocer category.

Flavorite is located in Warragul, Gippsland, with its warm days and cool over night temperatures makes the ideal location for growing tomatoes.  Flavorite farms 27 hectares of glasshouse production area growing truss tomatoes on the vine, loose cherry tomatoes, capsicums both red & yellow colours and cherry tomatoes on the vine.

Farm Manager Chris Millis is at the centre of the activity each day, overseeing production at the Warragul facility. “The benefit of the hydroponic operation is the ability to use technology to control water and nutrient dosage to crops ensuring individual plants receive on the exact nutrients they require.”

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